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Mersey Hosting Hub v0.0.3

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Hi Everyone,

We have done it and released the new Mersey Hosting Hub v0.0.3, there has been some major updates and changes. Here is a list of them.

  1. Re-branding of our organization after the purchase of Reptilia Host.
    1. We are now known as Mersey Hosting Hub.
    2. We are part of the Mersey Hub Group.
    3. We are a non-profit, we donate what we can to charitable organizations.
  2. Removal of our document verification.
  3. We have added more fraud protection.
  4. Integration of careers onto the website.
  5. Launch of features on our community section.
    1. #Channels
    2. Notifications
    3. Discussions
    4. Conversations
    5. Posts
    6. Groups
    7. Albums
    8. Timelines
  6. New Domain Names.
    1. https://www.merseyhostinghub.co.uk
    2. https://www.merseyhostinghub.com
    3. https://www.merseyhostinghub.org
    4. https://www.merseyhostinghub.org.uk

We are now working on Mersey Hosting Hub v0.0.4 and hope to have it released in the next month. 

Any issues or questions please message us via our ticket system.


Mersey Hosting Hub